Forex Edge an Essential tool for Forex traders!

Essential tool for Forex traders

Banks and hedge funds use tools that are
generally not available to retail traders.

The FX News EDGE service is composed of 3 key elements that give you the tools for success

Why should I Sign up for Forex Edge Services?

Getting unlimited access to the best trading tools, institutional news feed, and focused education should interest even the most skilled retail trader. In addition to that amazing offer is the cheap prices of this service which many of our customers find unbelievable. But if all that is not enough to make to sign up for the best forex information services online, forex edge services, then let us quickly highlight the reasons you might want to quickly register for these services.

So let’s get right to it, why you need forex edge services.

You Get A Head Start on The Forex Market

Professional traders do not just react to daily changes in the forex market because they are usually well prepared in advance for such changes. Forex edge gets you started even before the week starts. You get access to a comprehensive video in which details of each week’s economic calendar is discussed in advanced. This way you know what to expect and you are never caught off guard.

Learning From Your Mistakes

You need to be able to review your actions as a trader in order to improve. Even if your trading plan brings you success this week, you should want to know if you could have done better. That is what forex edge end of the week review does for you. You get a written report at the end of every week which covers the events of that week as predicted in the video you got at the beginning.

Covering the Basics of Every New Event:

Having the right information is one thing, knowing how to apply that information is a completely different ball game. Forex edge services give you a daily report on every vital news event so you are never confused on how to trade. Every one of the unique news events in every session, throughout the week, is covered. This helps position retails traders for impressive profit in the market. The report covers explanation on the meaning of each risk, their expected impact, and a strategic trading plan to make the best of the situation.

Instantaneous Release of Economic Figures

You don’t want to miss out on potentially game changing economic figures. You get fresh data through audio and headline feeds. The updates cover market moving news and also bank trading levels gotten from dependable professional sources.


Institutional news feed


Access order flows and information that are only normally available to professional traders paying thousands of dollars.

Focused Education


Learn how to approach this information and use the feeds with a detailed video mini course that you can watch at your convenenience

Detailed Analysis


Every day you will be fully prepared for each high impact news event with our comprehensive trading plans. You will also have access to detailed analysis that assist you when positioning yourself in the market.


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"To compliment all of this you will also get access to a comprehensive video course that helps you understand exactly how to approach the information and how to incorporate it into your own trading." 14 day access for only $1.00